Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Butterfly suncatcher

This butterfly sun catcher is a simple and fun activity. It is so beautiful on our glass window!

Materials Needed:

1. Black construction paper

2. Tissue paper

3. Glue

4. Paint brush (optional) 

Method :

I folded the black construction paper in half and drew one of the sides of the butterfly and cut it out. A template can also be used to cut the butterfly. 

We folded the butterfly on the wings at random places and cut out small designs. It is similar to snowflakes cutting. I did this part for my toddler but my seven years old did it by herself. I told her to cut only on the inside portion and not to disturb the butterfly shape. After cutting, we had butterflies with similar designs (holes)  at both their sides. 

We cut the tissue paper into square pieces.  Added water to the glue in the ratio of 1:1

Brushed the glue on the tissue paper pieces and stuck them on the holes. The tissue papers were smaller when compared to the holes and were sticking to the work space.  I realized that we should have cut the tissue papers into big  strips.  My elder one managed to stick the pieces but my toddler lost interest in the middle of the activity.

We let them dry for nearly 3 - 4 hours till the butterflies were completely dry. Trimmed the tissue papers that were outside the butterfly. 

Stuck them to the glass window with a piece of tape. 

They are so beautiful when the sun shines on them. Next time I will use the contact paper for my toddler instead of glue, then she may complete the activity. 

Thanks for reading the post. Hope you liked it! You may be interested in our other Spring activities


  1. looks so beautiful.....Nice Creativity.

  2. beautiful - doubles as a lovely way to keep birds from hitting the window too! Dropping by from the We Made That Wednesday linky

  3. I love this idea so much. So simple but so pretty! Thanks for sharing :)
    x x

  4. These are beautiful, and you make it look so simple to do in your post. My daughters would love to make these. Thank you for sharing!


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