Thursday, May 1, 2014

Make yarn flowers on rubber band loom

Few months back, my daughter was always be seen busy working with her rubber bands and loom. Now the interest level is dropped to zero. The loom and rubber bands are lying around without any usage. We tried to make yarn flower using the loom. I was surprised how simple it was to make one. 


1. Rubber band loom

2. Yarn

3. Gem

4. Glue - We used school glue

5. Needle

6. Thread

7. Tape


1. Attach the yarn to the side of the loom with a piece of tape. We can use any rectangle of pegs that are adjacent to each other.  Wind the yarn on the pegs which are diagonally opposite to each other.  

2. Continue winding the yarn on the other two pegs. Yarn should always be connecting diagonally opposite pegs and not adjacent pegs.

3. Repeat winding, alternating between the pegs until the pegs are full.  Cut the yarn and attach it to the side of the loom.

4. Thread the needle with sewing thread. Run the needle few times around the middle peg connecting all the yarns together.

5. Remove the yarn from the loom. If there are any loose yarn at the center, just stitch them to the center. Now the yarn will look like a four petal flower. Cut the loose ends of the yarn close to the center.

6. Repeat the above steps to create one more four petal flower.

6.  Arrange both the four petal  flowers one over the another and glue them together at the center. Glue a gem at the middle of the flower. The flower is done!

Did I mention it was so simple to make? Isn't the flower beautiful? It can be easily done by kids. Also, it can be used in the cards, hair clips or even for a dress pin.

Thanks for reading the post. Hope you enjoyed reading it. You may be interested in our other diy projects.

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